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Examining Utility Costs: Is Water More Expensive in Delaware?

The age and condition of the infrastructure usually drive the cost of water in Delaware and there are a few ways you can save.

Is water more expensive inDelaware than in other states? That depends on where you are coming from. For example, I recently read an interesting article that talks about how much more expensive water is getting in 30 major cities around the country

Delaware is always too small to be featured in such studies, but one thing we can tell you is that the newer communities attracting retirees are not located in inner cities with crumbling infrastructure. That can explain why the cost of water in your new home might be higher than what you were paying in some older areas. These are new communities with new infrastructure, not failing pipes. We are hearing more and more about the rate increases of 54% since 2010 across the US. Rates are increasing to fund infrastructure after years of neglect.

Back to the cost of water in Delaware

The cost of water in Delaware varies from town to town and county to county and it can also depend on the specific community. Many of our new active adult communities have private community water and sewer systems managed by either Tidewater Utilities or Artesian Water Company. These are new systems with all new infrastructure and the cost per gallon might be somewhat higher than other areas. This chart displaying the water rates in Delaware, however, shows that the cost per gallon ranges widely throughout the region and much of it probably does depend on the age of the system.

How can you economize?

Many new home communities in Delaware allow homeowners to install irrigation systems to keep their lawns green and flower beds blooming. Some communities will also allow homeowners to dig an irrigation well on their property. We know of cases where neighbors have shared the cost of the well. But, be careful, BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, make sure that the community and HOA will allow such wells. The county and other agencies are beginning to clamp down on furtherconstruction of wells in some areas.

If you plan to install an irrigation system and dig an irrigation well, if allowed, ask your neighbors for recommendations.

What about a separate irrigation meter?

Some of our newer communities automatically install a separate irrigation meter. Heritage Shores is one of those. In other communities, check first with the HOA to make sure that it is allowed. Then, hire a plumber to do the work and pull a permit.

The chief benefit of a separate irrigation meter is the reduced wastewater bills normally charged on indoor water usage. Additional benefits include the ability to shut off the water to the irrigation system offseason and accurately measure outdoor water usage.

Finally, be sure to set your system properly and dont overdo outside watering. If all of this sounds too complicated or too expensive, you can always go back to using your hose or old-fashioned sprinkler system. That might be the most economical method of all!

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