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Where Can I Play Pickleball in Delaware? | Ask The Broker

Pickleball is all the rage in Delaware and Active Adults love to play!

Pickleball is all the rage with Boomers across America, and especially here in Delaware. In this week's Ask The Broker video, Broker/Owner Kathy Sperl-Bell talks about where to play pickleball in Delaware and more on this popular sport. Learn about the many of the Active Adult Communities and clubs you can play Pickleball in around the region.


Where can I play pickleball in Delaware? Hi, this is Kathy Sperl-Bell at Active Adults Realty in Delaware, and this has to be the number one non-real estate related question that I'm getting lately, and guess who's gotten the bug? My pickleball racquet just arrived today, so I get it. And the answer to the question is, you can play pickleball just about anywhere in Delaware, especially in southern Delaware, and I'm going to do a follow-up written post on the blog where I can keep this up-to-date because there's a lot happening.

Pickleball came to Delaware in a lot of our active adult communities. Maybe there was one or two, possibly three tennis courts, and guess what? As we get a little older and we get a few aches and pains, maybe we stopped playing tennis. But pickleball, because it's a paddle instead of a racquet, and it's a lighter weight ball, has turned out to be extremely popular with those of us above a certain age. So at our active adult communities like Heritage Shores, where the pickleball club is called The Blazing Paddles, they started playing in October of 2014. At Bay Crossing, they had one tennis court and it's now been converted for either tennis or pickleball play. That is how a lot of the active adult communities and public facilities, are changing their tennis courts to pickleball courts.

At Independence, Beth, one of my clients there, says they have four portable nets and they switch back-and-forth now on two courts between tennis and pickleball. Also at Nassau Grove, and I could go on. So Sussex County, up in Kent County and Dover, up in Middletown, pickleball is all the rage.

So bring your racquets and bring your tennis shoes, and we'll introduce you to places like Sports at the Beach or The Factory, or the Dave Marshall Tennis & Fitness Center where you can take lessons, clinics, etc. and then get ready. Maybe we'll have an active adults pickleball tournament.

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