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When Is The Best Time to Buy My Home For Retirement?

It may be best to decide on when to do with your current home before deciding when to buy your new home for retirement.

In this week's Ask The Broker video, Delaware Real Estate Broker Kathy Sperl-Bell, answers the question, "When is the best time to buy my home for retirement?" Timing is everything, so selling your current home before retirement is also advisable.

Today's question is one we are getting very frequently now and it has to do with what is the best time to buy my retirement home, especially if I'm not yet retired? But, I think we ought to ask the question differently. What is the best time to sell the home where you now live? If your market is good and homes are selling quickly you might want to seriously think about taking advantage of that and selling your home now. You can always rent someplace near where you live, near where you work. Then use that free time to make sure you find the right place where you want to live when you do retire.

Why do I say this? Because, there's a lot of uncertainty right now because of things like those tax changes. If where you now live is going to be severely impacted by the changes that are being enacted, then now might be a better time to sell. Another reason has to do with the rising interest rates. They're still low by historical standards but the prediction is 5% by year end and the people that might be buyers for your home, a point or a half a point even might make a difference in their ability to buy your home when you're ready to move. Trying to time things exactly is very difficult, and oftentimes we find people don't think about that aspect of planning ahead and selling now.

If you have very specific questions please email me at, or you might want to just follow our Active Adults Realty Blog. We have a lot of articles on things like timing, on things like the tax implications, on what you need to do to get ready to sell. So, look for more information by searching our blog or send me any questions you have.

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