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The First Step in Your Delaware Home Search is Elimination

Active Adults Realty agents help buyers narrow their Delaware home search

One of our real estate agents, AlWillis, told me that his first meeting with prospective buyers is more about elimination than it is about consideration. So, I asked him what he meant by that.

When people first come to Delaware to begin their search for a new home, they may have a long list of communities they have heard of or read about online. They start out by wanting me to show them everything on their list, said Al.

Many agents will simply put people in their car and do just that - show them everything on their list. That usually results in confusion, disappointment and maybe even a change of heart.

What real estate agents like Al do differently is to help you narrow down that list and eliminate places that we can determine together will not really meet your needs.

What is our process?

How do we do that, you might ask? We go back to the beginning and get to know you. We make time to sit down with you and well ask questions about what you like to do and whats important to you. Questions like -

  • What do you like to do now when you are not working?
  • Do you play golf? How about tennis or pickleball?
  • Do you swim in an indoor pool regularly?
  • Are you a homebody or do you like to dine out often?
  • Is proximity to the beach important?
  • How often will you travel and to where?

Notice, we are not yet talking about how many bedrooms and baths or even your exact budget.

Then we will help organize your likes into must haves and nice to have but not necessary. If an indoor pool is a must, that will immediately trim down the list of possible communities.

At this point, we are now armed with some good information, an Active Adults Realty agent will be able to spend some time showing you areas and communities that have potential to become your next home.This is a much better use of your time than seeing every place in the area when some of them will not meet your real estate and lifestyle needs.

If you want to learn more about the results this provides to our clients, you can read this article: What do buyers really buy despite what they tell us initially?

An Active Adults Realty agent is on your side

One of my newer real estate agents had scheduled several days to spend with prospective clients that were here in Delaware for the very first time and she was taking a different approach. When I saw the long list of communities in different locations that were on the schedule, I asked her about the plan. She responded:

We are looking at a lot of different areas and communities to get them familiar with all that Delaware has to offer. Since I havent yet been to all of these communities yet, I figured it would be a good education for me as well.

The difference here is she did have a plan. She showed her clients several different areas and a few communities in each. While doing the tour, she also introduced them to the towns and things like parks and things to do. By the end of the first visit, they all had a really good idea of where they want to focus when they return and where they hope to find their next home.

Elimination, whether by a discussion of your needs in our conference room or by touring select communities with one of our real estate agents, are just two ways we help you get started on a successful home buying journey. This is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make,so relax,do not rush the process and we will make sure you consider all aspects of the move.

If you are considering relocating to Delaware, get your start bydownloading our FREE Relocation Guide HERE to help you the right home in Northern, Central or Southern Delaware.Or you can call us at 302-424-1890 or email