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Why are you relocating to Delaware? You answered

Our first Survey on relocating to Delaware produced hundreds of responses that I have been reading through for days now.

I realize that multiple choice questions would have been easier and quicker to analyze. I could then have said that x% of respondents chose this or that answer. But our 4 questions were open-ended and produced some very thoughtful responses. Some were funny, some flip, but all were informative. I have plenty of ideas for future blog posts and articles to fill our email newsletters. Here are just the highlights of the first two questions about why so many Baby Boomers are thinking of relocating to Delaware at this age.

In anticipation of retirement, what is the main reason you are thinking of moving or relocating?

Survey Says - As we expected, a fair number of respondents answered Lower Taxes at least compared to where they now live. But what I found very enlightening and positive was the other responses or the answers that combined lower taxes with other motivators, for example -

  • Lower Taxes in a relaxed setting close to water
  • Lower taxes, closer to family
  • Lower taxes new area to explore
  • Lifestyle and taxes
  • Tax benefit, warmer winter but still 4 seasons


But there were just as many whose initial reason had nothing to do with Delawares lower taxes. They mentioned -

  • Closer to family, wildlife areas, bays, and ocean
  • To enjoy long walks on the beach with my husband
  • Downsizing to a smaller, low maintenance home
  • Delaware is a great place to live
  • Bought a house in Florida for retirement and realize it is too far from family
  • To enjoy an active and relaxed lifestyle
  • Slower lifestyle
  • To come closer to grandchildren
  • We love the area and everything it has to offer


Then, our second question asked, If you said TAXES, what is the second reason?

Delawares lower taxes compared to our neighboring states in the Mid-Atlantic Region and the Northeast get a lot of press. We firmly believe, however, that taxes alone are not enough of a reason to relocate. So did you agree?

Survey Says -

  • Closer to family
  • Climate and not too far from my kids
  • Tired of the cold weather and snow
  • Close to NJ family and four seasons
  • Close proximity to the beaches
  • Quality of life
  • Second reason would be the weather and the third taxes

Some made me laugh when they said

  • Taxes are second!
  • See number one!

And these were some of my favorite responses that tell me they will love it here -

  • The people are so friendly. Feels like home.
  • We like being close to the beach.
  • Local topography and one level living.
  • Quieter area.
  • Centrally located.

Thank you for your feedback. You have given me so many great ideas for future articles!

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