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It's Better To Contact Us Now!

We know youre there. So why not contact us?

Youre online, scouring websites, including ours, looking for that perfect place for your dream retirement but you dont want to contact us yet. We had a call the other day and the woman shared that she had been using our web site for over a year! She was researching and researching and printing out page after page and then finally, she gave us a call.


  • You dont want to bother us now because youre a few years out and you dont want to waste our time.
  • You think you should wait until you know what you want to do.
  • You are afraid that you will end up talking to a salesperson who will talk you into buying a home.

What should you do when you first ask yourself, Maybe we should think about Delaware? We hear that is a good place to retire. You should CALL US THEN. That's when we can be most helpful.

But you dont. Instead, what do you do? You wake up one Saturday morning and say to your spouse...

  • Honey, lets just go to Delaware and drive around and look at some of these communities you found online. If we like it, we can always call that nice REALTOR then.

But instead, what happens?

  • You get lost, cant find what youre looking for and decide to throw in the towel and go home. Then you tell your agent when he/she calls we came down, drove around and we decided we dont like it, or
  • You walk into the Sales Office of one of the new home communities you found on our website or another site online and you meet up with a sales person who works for the builder. Before you leave, you have written a contract to buy a house in that community.

So, you didnt call us because you didnt want to be pressured to buy, and instead you walked right into a Builder's Sales Office without your agent, whose job is to represent and protect you, (not the builder), regardless where you may end up buying.

Walking into a new home sales office is no different than going to a car dealership. What is that salespersons job? TO SELL YOU A HOME IN THEIR COMMUNITY, PREFERABLY TODAY.

It is rare that our clients make a purchase on their first visit. Occasionally it does happen, but the first visit is when we get acquainted and help you become familiar with the area and the options available that seem to be a good fit. We ask a lot of questions and even dispel some myths. If you have not lived in Delaware, the agent will often give you a quick tour to show you why it is a great place to live.

If you were just considering a move in the same town in which you grew up, of course you know more about the different neighborhoods and where you may or may not want to live. Most people do not relocate when they retire. So, if you are considering a big move at this point in life, please