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Yes, We Sell New Construction

Yes, We Sell New Construction or should I say - You Get Peace of Mind!

We help you buy new construction and it costs you nothing. In fact, it may save you money and it will certainly prevent you from making a bad purchase decision.

When I go back and look at articles we have published, I realize we have talked about new construction and helping buyers dozens of times.

Then I took a look at our business over the past 5 years and found that 45% - 55% of our buyer clients each year have purchased new construction. So in 2016, that means we helped 82 couples or individuals buy a new construction home; in 2015 the number was 70. In doing so, we gained more experience and knowledge that we use to help others. You should see my spreadsheets! I had to resort to my computer background to find a way to keep track of the fees in each community, what they cover and what they do not cover, if pets are allowed and how many, is the grass cut and whether it is Natural Gas or Propane, and so on. As this document has grown, the type has gotten smaller and the paper is now legal size. NO, we can't send this to you, but each of my agents knows how to find the information and will use it as they answer your questions and help you pick the right community for you.

I have added the links to some of our most popular articles and videos below. Check them out.

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