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Welcome to our new mobile-friendly website

Update: Watch Our Tutorial. We make it easy to navigate Delaware Real Estate! - this website - has been online since May of 2006! Meet our new mobile-friendly website at!

I was just an individual REALTOR at the time, but I realized that I had to find a niche to be successful in real estate in Delaware. As an aging Baby Boomer myself, it just hit me that a lot of people like me in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast were starting to think about their future. I designed the first website myself, and it was pretty simple, but doing that helped me formulate the ideas behind our brand. I brought in a professional web development company in 2008 and have been with them ever since.

Like many of our clients, I was already over 50 when I relocated to Delaware. Not ready to retire, I had to reinvent myself and a new career in real estate was the perfect fit. As our website has evolved over the years, we always looked to provide lots of good information about the different parts of Delaware, the many communities in each area and enough detail to help people get familiar with Delaware. Learning that many of our clients had never even been to Delaware prior to contacting us, we needed this website to be a resource for Delaware relocation not just a place to search homes for sale. Relocating a primary residence is a lot different than spending a week or two at the beach with the family. Even if you always vacationed at the beach in Delaware, you might not have thought about retiring here until recently. Our website offers the information needed to help you decide if Delaware is the right place for you.

Active Adults Realty, the independent brokerage, did not open its doors until December of 2010, but the website and the blog that is part of it, was already mature and generating a lot of inquiries. Since then, use of the Internet in real estate has grown exponentially, and use by Baby Boomers overall is surging. Back in 2006, we had to teach our clients how to scroll down on the screen to see more information. Or, we would send out an email newsletter but find that very few people clicked through to our website. They had not yet learned that blue highlighted text (a hyperlink) means there is more to the story if you click on it.

All that has changed and our clients today are very Internet savvy. Everyone is on their phone now!

Now people are not just searching on their computers, they all have tablets and smartphones too. You hear the term mobile-friendly and that applies to everyone on the internet who wants their website to be easy to use on any device. Its not just the kids who are always on their phone today. Just look around you at any restaurant and tell me how many people have their phone in their hands and their head down!

The number of visitors to our website who are using a tablet or a smartphone has more than doubled in the last year alone!

That is why we did a major re-design of our website that just went live in February 2017. It was important not to change too much so that people would still recognize our brand; hope we accomplished that objective.

The people in our header have become part of our Brand and we use them in all of our marketing, our signs, our business cards and newsletters, both online and in print.

Were excited about our new design and hope that everyone finds it easier to use, to find the information youre looking for and to search homes available for sale anywhere in Delaware.

You can search our website in so many different ways -

We have tried to think of every possible way you might want to see whats available anywhere in Delaware. Can't find what you're looking for? Email us.


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