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Coming back home to Delaware?

We get calls daily that fall into one of two categories

  • We are thinking of retiring and considering Delaware, the Carolinas and Florida (or Virginia, etc.)
  • We retired to the Carolinas or Florida a few years ago and were now toying with the idea of coming back home to Delaware

"But not all the way back to New Jersey", for example.

Heres what happened. Lucky you who could retire early and bought your dream retirement home in Florida. Then one or more of your children married and had GRANDCHILDREN!

Thats a long drive to come back and be some part of those grandchildrens lives. Back and forth and you know you are the one doing the driving and visiting. Well, thats not good. Lets sell and move back, but not all the way back, just closer you think.


Why didnt you think about Delaware before you moved? Because, no one in New Jersey or New York ever thought about moving to Delaware back then.

Heres the challenge you can buy more home for less money in the Carolinas than you can in Delaware. Yes, the taxes are much lower in Delaware than New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, but the Delaware Beaches are a resort area in the Mid Atlantic! The price benefits are more obvious when you move here first, but a little difficult once you have adapted to lower home prices in the South.

Whats most important?

That is what it comes down to when grandchildren are involved. Did you downsize when you first retired? Often we find that what people want to downsize is the $$, not the square feet. By the time you do it a second time, you may have learned that you dont need as much space as you thought. Why did you need those extra bedrooms? Who really needs that bonus room and the basement and, and, and?

Are the children and grandchildren coming to see you and spending the weekend? No, they have their sports and their school activities so you are traveling to see them. Even when they do come, do they care that they have their own bedroom? I doubt it.

So, what do you do? Let us show you what Delaware offers. If you keep an open mind, you will find the perfect fit here in Delaware.