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Retire, Relocate and Buy a New Home Is It That Easy for Boomers?

So many people we talk to every day are considering all of the above-retiring, relocating and buying a new home. What they quickly learn is that making a move at this stage in our lives is a very different proposition. If you have moved before, it was probably due to something like

  • A promotion
  • A new job
  • A marriage
  • Another child or two
  • A better school district

But making a move now when it is just the two of us is very different, sometimes a little unnerving and certainly not easy. Add to that every builder, developer and media outlet has recognized that the Baby Boomers have arrived! They sure seem to know just what you want and need; but do they really know for sure? Its so easy to get caught up in the beautifully decorated models, the clubhouse, the golf course, the pools and tennis courts and other amenities. Marketing shows you the perfect lifestyle the one that you have wished for in your dreams. All you have to do is move here and everything will be just wonderful! Thats not necessarily so. The truth is that the people in this group are not all the same. Every client we work with is looking for something, but not necessarily the same something.

For over 10 years, weve been focused on people like you the about-to-retire-Baby-Boomers. A Merrill Lynch study says that an estimated 4.2 million retirees moved into a new home last year. Approximately 66% of retirees say that they are likely to relocate, to be closer to family (29%), followed by to reduce home expenses at 26%. Quite a few new Delaware residents have moved here to cut their taxes and take advantage of all of the perks of living in the First State. However, many are not fully-retired. Some want to live maintenance-free among people their own age. Others want a comparable home or neighborhood, maybe a little bit smaller with more first-floor living space; or they may just want to downsize their taxes and cost of living but not necessarily the size of their home.

Buying a new home, especially if you are also planning to retire and relocate to another state, takes more planning than you might think. If you are interested in a 55+ or Active Adult Community, new construction or a lovely pre-owned property, there are some specific questions you need to get answered. Preparing people to truly enjoy an active adult life in Delaware is as important to us as helping our clients find their new home. Our Team is trained to help you get oriented, to inform you about the overall real estate market, to answer questions and to help you begin to make the basic decisions about where and how you want to live for the rest of your lives.

Having the guidance and expertise of a REALTOR who specializes in working with people just like you is invaluable. Choosing a professional REALTOR who will help prepare you for all of the questions and decisions that will come up as you search for your perfect Delaware retirement home is smart thinking.

Are you ready to retire? Can you afford to retire? If you can afford the house, can you afford the HOA and amenity package? Have you even calculated how much you will need in retirement? As you approach some of the biggest decisions you will ever make, dont go it alone. We have addressed these questions and more in a video series posted on our YouTube Channel at

Coastal Delaware is one big active adult community-it has something for everyone. Remember, its not the community that makes you active; its the people who make the community active.