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If Rodney were a REALTOR®...

If Rodney Dangerfield were a REALTOR, he would be saying...

"I get no respect!"

We all hear about bad real estate agents, and there are some. There are good and bad in every profession. Good doctors and bad doctors. Good CPAs and bad CPAs. Good hairdressers and bad. But there are also bad clients, disrespectful people who really seem to think they have the right.

This morning started by receiving this email in response to one of my email newsletters. Since 2008, this couple has been regularly contacted with useful information. Periodic phone conversations and many emails saying thank you over the years. This is the result?

Hello Kathy!

We just purchased our "forever home" to be built at [community deleted] in Bethany Beach! It's not 55+ but it is age targeted and we loved the area and the beach villas. Thank you for all the news letters and updates over the past few years. We will unsubscribe now that we have made our decision.

Can't wait to move in! Regards, [client name deleted]

This same couple has not only received our email newsletters but they have opened, read, commented and clicked through to our website over 246 times. Here's just one of their glowing comments in December 2011:

Congratulations to you both on the formation of your very own brokerage!!! How exciting and also rewarding for all your hard work. We are thrilled for you both.

My husband and I will be contacting you in another year to help us find just the right place for us in coastal Delaware.

To which I replied -

Did I thank you for your comments? It is exciting and the year has gotten off to a great start. You are not the only ones planning to move here in the next few years!

There is no way anyone could have had so much communication with us for 8 years and misunderstood what business we are in. Just why did they think we were staying in contact so regularly? How did they think we actually made a living? Because we use a sophisticated Customer Relationship Management system, I know when one of my agents might have messed up and not done the right job. This was not the case here.

Thankfully, we do not have many clients like this. We have an excellent relationship that continues long after they have purchased a home and moved here. Our Annual Client Party is a huge success and our clients look forward to it. Some of my clients have become close personal friends, walking buddies and yes, Happy Hour Friends.

Any good relationship is two-way, so be a good client and we promise to be great REALTORS and Buyer Agents.

To get respect, you have to be willing to give some R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

It's of paramount importance to us to share our knowledge on any new construction neighborhoods, whether it is a 55+ community in Delaware or an All Ages Community, and all of the existing homes for sale in the entire state with our Boomers and Beyond and with anyone looking to relocate and move to Delaware.

We hope our efforts to engage with you on our various social media platforms, through our newsletters and on our blog as well, will help to educate you and thus keep us in your mind when youre ready to make your real estate retirement decisions.

Thinking about it? Its not unusual to have questions. Call 302-424-1890, or email us, were happy to help. Lets get started on your Delaware move today!

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