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Delaware's Real Estate Taxes are the 4th Lowest-Again!

Delaware has the nations 4th-lowest real estate property tax rate, according to a recent report from WalletHub.

Aiding Delaware is the lack of vehicle property taxes seen in other states. The rankings were as follows.

  • Real-Estate Property Tax Rank*: 4th
  • Vehicle Property Tax Rank*: 1st
  • Real-Estate Tax on Median State House Value: $1,231
  • Real-Estate Tax on Median U.S. House Value: $929
  • Vehicle Property Tax on Highest-Selling Car: $0

According to WalletHub, the average American household spends $2,127 on property taxes for their homes each year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and residents of the 27 states with vehicle property taxes shell out another $412.

Delaware's real estate taxes are the 4th lowest, again with Property Taxes on homes in Delaware are lower than in neighboring states, including New Jersey, which has the highest real estate property taxes in the nation.

Delaware has fewer units of government and relies less on property taxes to pay for public schools.

The lower property taxes have led to retirees coming to the state, with portions of Kent and Sussex counties seeing strong population growth. Taxes in Kent and Sussex are lower than in New Castle County in the northern end of the state.

Delaware is one of a few states with no sales tax, but has a high personal income tax rate. Delaware has struggled in recent years with budget issues, with some critics citing high state spending and others pointing to a reliance on volatile revenue sources such as unclaimed property.

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  1. Suzanne Gingher on

    Thanks for publishing this article. Excellent information, love being informed. Suzanne
    • Kay sennett on

      Hi Kathy. I spoke to you about 2 yrs ago about moving to Delaware. Is it possible for you to show me some areas to live in. I am from Maryland and want to retire in Delaware. Thank you. I am available on some Saturdays. I really want to know what Delaware living is like. Thanks Kay
      • Kathy Sperl-Bell on

        Absolutely Kay, will give you a call.