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How Many Homes Will You Buy and Sell After Retirement?

I am not talking here to real estate investors who buy and sell homes as a business. And, I am not talking to the Oprahs of the world who may continue to buy homes because they can. I just did a search to see How many homes does Oprah own? and lost count!

This is about you Relocating Boomer Retirees How many homes will you buy and sell after retirement?

I am talking to you, the Boomer getting ready to retire. Is relocation in your future? Will you sell your family home and move to another state to escape high property taxes? Will you go off on your own looking at 55+ active adult communities in an area you dont know at all?

You would be amazed at how many homes some recent Boomer retirees have bought and sold, losing money each time. Why?

  • No plan. Work and family have been everything until now. Some Boomer retirees have no real idea how and where they want to live now that it is all about them.
  • Information overload. There IS such a thing as too much information and Boomers can spend hours researching options on the Internet.
  • Succumb to a great sales pitch. Jumping in the car and driving to see that new community they just read about, they run into a really good sales person who can sell the sizzle. Next thing you know they bought a home.

We get some calls from people that have done this two or three times and they have only been retired for a few years. What are they searching for?

Dont let this happen to you!

We have worked with clients who moved to the Carolinas a few years ago when they first retired. Maybe they were among the lucky few who got to retire fairly young. But now they have a grandchild in New Jersey and they realize they are too far away. Now they want to be closer and that means selling the home they just bought and moving back. They find that Delaware is a great option and wish they looked here in the first place.

Do yourself a favor and investigate Delaware first!

Can you buy more home for less in the Carolinas? Possibly.

Are taxes lower in the Carolinas? Probably not. Delaware always ranks as one of the Top 5 Best States for Retirees.

How long a drive is it from Myrtle Beach or Charleston back to Northern Jersey or Long Island? At least 10 hours or more, and that long a drive gets harder each year.

Buy the right lifestyle for you

Its all about the lifestyle in an active adult community and that is what they are selling. But not every Baby Boomer wants the same lifestyle. One of my clients commented that -

A background as a Counselor or Therapist would be useful in real estate!

She had a good point because the most important part of our job is helping our Buyer Clients think carefully about their decision. We provide as much information as possible, make sure they know about all of the details on the costs to purchase and the costs to live in each community and help them evaluate their choices.

Is an age restricted 55+ active adult community the right choice for you? In 2015, about 50% of our clients chose one of our 55+ communities throughout Delaware. The other 50% bought something that fit their lifestyle better. Here is what we want to avoid -

One of our clients recently had purchased a home from a builder in a 55+ active adult community with all the bells and whistles. A year later, they realized that they never went to the clubhouse, they dont use the indoor pool, they dont play golf or tennis and they would prefer a different type of neighborhood.

There is no one-size fits all community and we do have something for everyone here in Delaware. Let us help you make a good decision the first time. It will save you $$ and stress, both now and in the future.

Are you considering moving to Delaware?

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