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6 Great Reasons to Sell During The Holidays

Sellers: Waiting until after the Holidays Isnt a Smart Decision

Every year at this time, many homeowners decide to wait until after the holidays to put their home on the market for the first time. Others who already have their home on the market decide to take it off the market until after the holidays. What's up with that? According to Keeping Current Matters, here are 6 Great Reasons to Sell during the holidays and not to wait til the new year:

  1. Relocation buyers are out there. Companies are not concerned with holiday time and if the buyers have kids, they want them to get into school after the holidays.
  2. Purchasers that are looking for a home during the holidays are serious buyers and are ready to buy.
  3. You can restrict the showings on your home to the times you want it shown. You will remain in control.
  4. Homes show better when decorated for the holidays.
  5. There is less competition for you as a seller right now. Lets take a look at listing inventory levels as compared to listing inventory levels during the same time last year (down from July-September):

  1. The supply of listings increases substantially after the holidays. Also, in many parts of the country, new construction will make a comeback in 2016. This will lessen the demand for your house.

The Bottom Line is...

Waiting until after the holidays to sell your home probably doesn't make sense.

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