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Open Letter to New Home Builders

We represent our Buyer Clients, not you. That is the job of a Buyer Agent. Even more important, according to the laws of Delaware: Open Letter to New Home Builders

Brokers and REALTORs have a duty of confidentiality to all parties from the moment of their first contact.

So we are actually prohibited from sharing some information with you and advise our clients that it is not in their best interest to tell all.

I know, you pay the commission but so do the Sellers in all transactions and with a to-be-built home, you are the Seller.

Our Buyers deserve a team of people that are on their side in every transaction. That includes us, the attorney that handles their settlement and the mortgage company that provides their financing.

Can you have your standards?

Of course; we do too. We tell all of our Buyer clients that it is mandatory that they use a local, Delaware mortgage company. The firms we recommend are based on our years of experience, based on the service and success we have had with those firms. We have absolutely no financial stake in those recommendations.

What do we expect from you to continue to bring our Buyers to see what you have to offer? Just the basics of good business practice, but lets go through some of the most important factors.

What do we expect?

  • For your company to build a quality home and provide consistently good Customer Service before, during and after the sale.
  • For you to take our lead when we bring a client into your model.
  • For you to tell our client about what you offer and answer their questions about the home, its construction, what is included and what is optional.
  • Do not do the 20 questions every salesperson asks because we already know the answers.
  • We know your job is to sell every person that comes into your model a home in your community. That is not our job but we brought them in because your homes or your community just might be a good fit. Work with us, not against us.
  • Do not get in between our client and us putting the hard sell on them. Do not be a pushy salesperson.

When an agent from Active Adults Realty brings a client into your model, that alone is a vote of confidence. If you or the Builder you represent has a poor reputation or we had received serious complaints from past clients, we would not be there at all. So, lets both do our respective jobs and work together when the situation allows.