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We get hundreds of inquiries every month

Remember that phrase Letterman used Letters, we get letters, we get lots and lots of letters letteeeeers!

Well, in this Internet age, we get hundreds of inquiries and emails every day, lots of them. In real estate terms they are called Leads. Actually, in any business, inquiries are called leads and the idea is to turn those leads into prospects and eventually into clients or BUYERS. Most of our leads are from prospective Buyers from out of State. Delaware is on the radar as a good place to retire and we are flooded with inquiries from people that want to purchase a home here.

Sometimes, they equate low taxes with low home prices. Often they find that is not true and they end up crossing Coastal Delaware off their list. If they dont, the search begins. They have a list of must haves, nice to haves and, of course, a budget. They also have an ideal the house they have dreamed of for years the PRIZE!

Why isnt my house selling

When a real estate agent today lists a home for sale, the first thing the Seller wants to know is How long will it take to sell? That is a loaded question and depends on so many factors like -

  • Is the home in a new home community in which the builder is still building new homes?
  • How many homes are for sale in the same community or in the same vicinity?
  • How does this home compare to comparable homes for sale in the same price range?

If your home is not selling, the market is telling you something. Buyers today know what they want and they are not very interested in compromise.

Ive worked hard all my life so I can retire and I want exactly what I want in my new home

That is how the retiring Baby Boomer feels and can you blame them? If your home has vinyl floors and they only want hardwood; if they want white kitchen cabinets and yours are oak; if they want a basement and yours does not have one, they will buy one that has exactly what they want.

Buyers timing is flexible

What I mean is, the Baby Boomer buyer does not have to be in their new home before school starts. This buyer does not have to report to a new job next month. When they buy depends more on finding exactly what they want. Something has to spark their interest and motivate them to make a decision, especially when they are relocating from another State.

So, what do I do, asks the Seller?

Ask yourself if you really want to sell and then price it right. If it has been listed for 30 days or more without an offer, your price is too high. If you lower it and there is still no interest, the market is telling you that it is still too high.

Is that fair?

Fair doesnt count in a market where buyers determine what they want and what they are willing to compromise.

We get hundreds of new inquiries a month from people that want to relocate or retire to Coastal Delaware. Other real estate agents must get at least a few. If no one has made an offer on your home, you may not like the message but the message is clear. Any home in any market priced appropriately for the market will sell. This is a hot market, but whats hot is new construction or PERFECT, at least in the eye of the Buyer.

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We are all active adults who relocated to this area. We have been there and done that. Weve been the new kids on the block, we started over, we made new friends and now we are here to help you. -Kathy Sperl-Bell, Broker-Owner, Active Adults Realty.

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