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Four Steps to Starting A Boomer Business

Did you know that 84% of new businesses are formed by baby boomers! Are you starting a Boomer Business?

A Small Business Survey on prweb revealed that Baby Boomers account for 84% of new businesses being formed. The survey also found that 84% of new small business owners are between the ages of 40 and 60.

Basing its findings on the facts that many baby boomers suffered huge losses in their retirement savings in the last couple of years. And, that the economy wiped out millions of dollars in peoples retirement funds and many Americans have seen their livelihoods downsized," the article went on to say,

"This environment has encouraged boomers and given them motivation to consider other options and pursue new opportunities like creating their own small business.

No surprise here for many of us, working for ourselves the rest of our lives is the way to go. Bill and I started our Boomer Business almost 4 years ago and I was already in my 60s. By this age, I believe we know who we are and how we want to do business. Our clients and most of our staff are also Boomers and we share a common set of values and goals. Our business is a big part of our life and we could never work for anyone else again!

Already have a boomer business idea? Do you need help with a business plan?The State of Delaware now offers Business First Steps, a user-friendly online portal to important business licensing and registration information in the State of Delaware. This site was created by the State of Delaware for people seeking to start their own businesses, and for those looking to expand their business in Delaware.

Who Should Use Business First Steps?

  • Any new business, entrepreneur, start up, or those in the thinking/planning stages of a business should use this site to access important information about state licensing requirements from the State of Delaware.
  • Any existing business looking to renew licenses, open new locations, or expand operations in the State of Delaware.
  1. Harness Your Great Idea

  2. Write Your Business Plan

  3. Get Your License

  4. Open Your Business

Click Here to go to the website or COPY and PASTE the following link into your favorite browser.