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Don't fence me in!

What makes good neighbors?

The old adage was that fences make good neighbors but when you relocate to a new area, especially when you retire, it might just be the community. In Delaware, there are many different communities and one of them is right for you.

Don't fence me in- it is about the community!

Many of the new home communities are run by some kind of homeowners association or HOA. There are rules and regulations designed to maintain the community and any amenities for the long term. You can refer to our earlier articles, "Why you should read those HOA documents in Delaware" and "Does my HOA own the clubhouse?" to learn more about neighborhood life.

Is it the clubhouse?

In one active adult community in Delaware, the clubhouse is 6,000 square feet with a nice party room, perhaps a pool table and some card tables, an outdoor pool and a well equipped small fitness facility. Another 55+ community might have a larger clubhouse with an indoor pool and an outdoor pool, a huge fitness center, a ballroom and multiple pool tables. Does that mean the community with the larger clubhouse is more active or the better community for you?

I have clients that now live in communities with the smallest community center and they rave about their community and how friendly it is. But when I tour some communities with every amenity imaginable, I often find the clubhouse totally empty.

Is it the activities and amenities?

A wise person told me that just because you are now retired, you are still the same person. Think about that. If you have never used an indoor pool or been a fitness buff, will you become the new Jack LaLanne when you retire? Will you really take up golf? If your idea of a great time is to curl up with a good book, how much time will you spend doing all the things on the calendar with your neighbors?

The more amenities in a community the higher the monthly fee. If you use whats available it is well worth it but if you dont, the $200 or $300 a month could be better spent doing what you really enjoy.

Is it the location?

What attracted you to Delaware in the first place? If youre interested in the arts, fine dining or the beach, what will you compromise to be near the things you enjoy? You may need to choose between a community with all the bells and whistles and one that puts you within a bike ride or short drive to the Coastal area.

Its not the community that makes you active; you and your neighbors make a community active.

Got Questions? We have Answers.

Its not unusual. We recommend that you prepare by educating yourself. CLICK HERE to read our Buyers most Frequently Asked Questions, a.k.a. our FAQs page. If you dont see the answer, email us, we look forward to helping you! Retiring and getting ready to move on? Sign up for our FREE Publications, order your FREE Buyers Guide.

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