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Prepare Your Home NOW for Winter Weather

SERVPRO of Sussex County in Georgetown advises homeowners to prepare your home NOW for winter weather. BEFORE the bad weather hits, here are a few things to do around your house to help you "stay warm, save energy and enjoy living LOCAL in Delaware!"

  • Roof - Check for loose or damaged shingles that may leak. If you had lots of icicles last year, have an energy auditor identify air leaks and poorly insulated areas in your attic.
  • Windows & Doors - Apply caulk to all gaps to prevent water intrusion and stop air from entering your home.
  • Gutters - Remove debris from gutters which can prevent water from draining. Also, extend your downspouts so water runs at least 3-4 feet away from your foundation.
  • Exterior Faucets & Sprinklers - Turn off water source at the shut-off valve, disconnect any hoses, and drain all lines to prevent pipes from bursting during a freeze.
  • Winter Supplies - Make sure you have your snow shovels and ice scrapers handy. Stock up on salt or ice melt before you need it. If using a snowblower, have it serviced now to be ready for the season.

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