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I made my last move to Delaware, Why ?

When I ask a client, where are you from? More times than I can count, my response is,

I lived there too, but I made my last move to Delaware. Let me tell you why.

After being fortunate to have lived in many places (and flying to and from many others in my past life as a flight attendant), I finally found a career that I love and a place where I love to live and its Delaware!

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If you live or lived in Flushing, NY, Middlesex, NJ, Pompton Plains, NJ, New York City (two times), Los Angeles, CA, Kansas City, MO, Metro DC, Silver Spring, MD, Boston, MA, Cranston, RI, Houston, TX, or Wilmington NC and are considering Delaware as your retirement destination, we already have something in common. Check out my map.

Our Staff is made up of our Clients, all active adults who relocated to this area, and now we are here to help you make the Move. This area has something for everyone. Knowing what we know, it is the goal of this brokerage to ensure that your decision to move here is a pleasurable one.

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