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Best time to retire in 2014?

When is the best time to sell my home? What about the best time to buy a retirement home? As a REALTOR, I get these questions all the time. But now I am hearing questions about the best time to retire!

Seriously, many of our Buyer Clients come from the DC Metropolitan Area and When to retire from the Federal Government is a really big question for them. I believe it is a serious question that everyone preparing for retirement thinks about for so many different reasons, but it does appear that some decisions for Federal employees are worth big $$$.

One of my current clients alerted me to the fact that most Federal employees retire around the end of the year. So, I did some research on the best time to retire and came up with some good information on a site called the Government Executive. It begins Its that time of year again. Are you thinking about retiring next year? This column is designed to help you find the most advantageous date for your departure. Read the rest of the article on Best time to retire by Tammy Flanagan.

You know how I love Top 10 articles, well Tammy Flanagan has also written another article on the Top 10 Things you probably dont know about Federal Retirement. Whew! Lots to think about but the good news is once you retire, you can come here to Coastal Delaware and let us help you find that perfect retirement home! But why wait until you retire, you should start planning now so you will know exactly where you want to be when the time is right.

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