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Meet Anne French

Anne was born and brought up in Hells Kitchen in New York City. Most Delawareans only know Hells Kitchen because of the Gordon Ramsey cooking competition, but do you know exactly where it is? I asked Anne and learned that is between 8th Avenue and 12th Avenue and 34th Street to 59th Street, just outside the Theater District. Not so far from Lewes in terms of miles, but very different than the life Anne and Pat have created for themselves here in Coastal Delaware. Annes husband Pat was also born in New York and when they married in 1966, they moved out to Flushing, New York, in Queens, Anne told me.

6 Degrees of Separation

Youre kidding! I was born in Flushing, New York. In fact, both of my parents were born and raised there as well. Another small world story and an example of the melting pot that is Coastal Delaware these days. When they left Queens, Anne and Pat moved to Middletown, New Jersey in 1973 and lived there until we helped them find a new home at the Retreat of Love Creek in 2012.

What does Anne love about living here in Coastal Delaware?

People are more friendly, says Anne. She is so happy with her choice of the Retreat at Love Creek, she said it feels like a reward for all of our hard work! The beautiful sunsets right outside her back windows, the parade of ducks, turtles and egrets make her feel like she is living in a resort.

But trust me, Anne, who retired in 2010 from Pfizer in the heart of New York City, is not spending her retirement idly. She is getting involved in Sussex County and in her community. The list of committees on which she serves includes the Architectural Review Committee in her community, the Buildings & Grounds Committee; she is actively engaged in working with her neighbors to find out what their community will become. She is also active in issues affecting Sussex County regarding planning and zoning. Anne and her friends are not asleep at the wheel, and they are paying attention to the issues.

Favorite Story?

They stopped at Wawa one day for an egg sandwich while they were house-hunting. When she asked the server for Ketchup, he asked where she was from in New Jersey! Only people from New York and New Jersey put ketchup on an egg sandwich, he said.

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