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House hunting on vacation in Coastal Delaware?

At this time of year, we often get a last minute call from people vacationing at the beach in Delaware. While here, they tell me they would like to look at what we have available to see if this is where they may want to retire.

Were fine with that. We dont go on vacation during the peak season and we dont even take Saturday or Sunday off. But, when those same people tell me Well call you on the worst weather day and go look at homes then, or they call in the morning of a nice sunny day to cancel our appointment, Im not so good with that.

Youre on vacation but were working here

I have good friends that are REALTORS in Sarasota, Florida, and they have the same stories to tell. Who doesnt like to dream and go look at homes, especially in a resort area. I know that Bill and I will often stop in at Open Houses when we are on vacation or visiting a new city. But we dont ask people to schedule appointments and then cancel them or, worse yet, just not show up.