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Meet Phil Kane

What does Phil remember about his one day at Woodstock? Being surrounded by a sea of people listening to Richie Havens. He says it was awesome and a bit scary at the same time, but he was there.

Phil was born in Harlem and brought up in the Bronx. When the Beatles landed in New York surrounded by hordes of screaming teenage girls, Phil picked up the guitar. He began playing at 12 and went on to be a Music Major at Herbert H. Lehman College (Hunter College). His first live performance was at a Reformed School with his classmates where he found his Stage self. He discovered that a shy kid could become

PhilKaneIts all about the people with Phil and he always got the most pleasure when his audience joined in and participated.

Phil opened for Gallagher

His biggest audience ever? He opened for Gallagher in 1979 to a crowd of 1500 at the Rochester Institute of Technology. How did he discover Delaware? Wesley College in Dover asked Phil back time and again to play the Coffee House during Orientation. He opened the crowd up, made them happy and that made Wesley happy.

He made a living as a musician living in NYC and working as a Special Education Teacher. That took care of his dog, his car and himself. By age 30, he wasnt a huge star so Phil channeled his energy and his people skills into a Sales career in the Corporate world starting with Lever Brothers. When he met Ellen in 1981, they moved to Washington, DC, where Ellen had a tremendous career opportunity with U.S. Customs Service.

Eventually Phil also ended up working in the Federal Government in some pretty interesting positions. Lets just say he got pretty good at identifying the bad guys.

The Rock n Roll Cantor

Phils Music Career #2 started when he was asked to be the Cantorial Soloist for his synagogue in Loudon County. It was a different stage with no applause but he found it just as rewarding and he put the same energy into his performance.

So, what will retirement look like for Phil Kane? He and Ellen have only been here in Milton, DE, since late 2012. Delaware was frustrating at first, said Phil, its a much slower pace than I am used to. He loves the area however and he is starting to relax.

What does Phil miss about the DC Metropolitan Area? I miss Wegmans, Whole Foods, Trader Joes and Pho. Will we ever have a Vietnamese Restaurant in Coastal Delaware? I agree with Phil and hold out hope for more diverse cuisines as more Baby Boomers make this area home.

Will there be a Music Career #3? A new Sales Career? When I look at this photo, I cant help but think it will play some role in this Chapter in the life of Phil Kane. One gig I know about is our 2013 Client Party. Phil has agreed to be our entertainment and I am so looking forward to hearing his music.

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