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Search the MLS yourself in Coastal Delaware

I was going to call this article

Do not use Trulia or Zillow

to search for homes in Delaware. Instead, I will tell you how to search the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) yourself using the real data from the MLS that is always current and accurate.

When you use Trulia or Zillow, you will find a total mishmash (technical term) of property data but it is very difficult to determine if the property is FOR SALE or not. When a property is withdrawn from the MLS, it may still be listed on these sites. I cannot tell you how many times I get a call or an email from someone asking about a property they found there. After searching and then going to the MLS myself, I have to tell them that the property is not for sale.

Search the MLS

In Sussex County, Delaware, there is a Public side to our MLS

Sussex County Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

where you can search the real data yourself. If you see it listed there it is actually for sale.

In addition, a site like, our own web site, is fed daily with real data from that same source. So, when you use our search tool -

Search all Active Listings in Coastal Delaware

you can be certain that every home you see for sale is actually available. If a Real Estate company participates in what is called IDX, then all of their listings will be shown on other Real Estate sites that also participate. So our listings will appear on Prudentials web site and their listings will appear on our web site and the same is true of most real estate firms in this area.

Is your home listed for Sale?

Even if it is not, you may find that it is listed on Trulia and Zillow with photos and some details and perhaps remarks left over from a time when it was listed for sale. If you Google your address, you may be very surprised at how many places on the Internet have information about your home. How accurate is it?

If you have any questions about the accuracy of data you find when you are searching for homes online, just ask.