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More Reasons 55+ need a Buyer Agent

Where do our buyers come from? In Coastal Delaware, so many of the new Buyers now come from outside Delaware and have limited local knowledge about our communities, builders or lifestyle. On top of that, quite a few Baby Boomers have been in their current home for 20 years or more, so it's been a long time since they bought a home. Now that I have been a REALTOR for 10 years, I am taking the courses necessary to become a Broker. Taking these classes at this time in the housing market is a real reminder to me of just how critical our knowledge and experience can be to a Buyer.

The Laws are different

The laws governing real estate are so different in each state. For example, Delaware is an Attorney State which means that real estate settlements are handled by an Attorney. States like Maryland and Virginia are Title States and settlements are handled by a Title Company. One thing I am learning is that Title Companies come and go and tracking down misfiled documents years later can be a challenge. Most law firms stay in business over a long period of time. A REALTOR from Virginia is in my class and based on her questions, I can tell how different it is in Virginia. In fact, I bought several homes in Virginia and in Maryland while I was in the computer industry in the 1980s and 1990s and it was different. I also remember that I didn't really understand the legal and contractual details of those transactions. I was in the computer business, not the real estate business. I thought I was pretty smart, but I was dependent on the REALTOR who represented me to make sure that I made a good purchase decision and then helped with all the little details before settlement.

Moving is a Big Deal!

Not only are the laws different when you move from one state to another, but it's a big deal when you are making a decision now. Making a move to a new state for purely personal reasons is much different than relocating due to a big promotion or a great new job. Theres no Relocation Department providing packing and moving; no temporary housing while you take your time to find a new home. No help buying your current home if it doesnt sell before your scheduled move. Its all on you, but it doesnt have to be! Whether youre now living in New Jersey, New York or even as far away as Washington State, we know what youre going through and well make the process not just easier but FUN! So give us a call or drop us an Email and lets get started.

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