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How Healthy are people in Delaware?

Sometimes my best ideas for an article come from a client. In one of my email newsletter, I referenced a recent study showing the happiness level of the different states - Delaware ranked #22! The surrounding states in the Mid-Atlantic Region were significantly less happy.

One reader sent in a question asking "I'D LIKE TO SEE THE HEALTH % OF BABY BOOMERS. In other words is it healthier to live in Delaware? & why is that?"

Very interesting question, so I started doing some research, online of course, to see what I could find. First, I discovered The 2009 Health Disparities Profiles and looked up Delaware. I was pleased to see in general that "Delaware has moderately low rates of death due to stroke, unintentional injuries, and influenza and pneumonia." Well, that made me feel better, especially in a year of concern about the flu and H1N1!

The report continued that "Delaware ranks among the states with the best rates of preventive care and health insurance coverage, and is second in the nation in percent of population having had a routine check-up within the past two years."

I'll keep looking for more information and I'll also point you to an earlier post about "retired now what" where I learned that many Boomers take far more interest in their own health and fitness when they do retire and have the time. If anyone has any data please send it my way!

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