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Exclusive Buyer Agents

Why work with an Exclusive Buyer Agent when you are looking at Active Adult communities? Why not just go visit the sales office on your own without representation? That's a good question and here are some things to consider:

The laws governing the practice of real estate are different in everystate. In Delaware, Builders are not required to hire licensed real estate sales professionals. Most sales people in these communities are employees of the Builders. What does that mean to you? They are not subject to the same Code of Ethics as a licensed Realtor. They do not have the same disclosure requirements as a licensed Realtor. They represent the Seller -the Builder, not you - the Buyer.

Before making a buying decision, especially at this stage in life, it is very important to consider all your options. You may have found this one community on the Internet. You may have heard from friends that it is a great place to live. But, have you been shown other communities that may be just as nice or even better for you? What's wonderful about Coastal Delaware is that we have so many nice communities and each one offers something just a little different. What's right for one person is not necessarily right for everyone.

When you have an Exclusive Buyer Agent who represents you, their concern is helping you find the right house in the right neighborhood. A sales person who works for the Builder can only succeed if you buy a home from them in that one community.

Does it cost you more to be represented? Absolutely not. At least in this market, every Builder does provide some compensation in the form of a commission at settlementto Buyer Agents. They do require that your Agent actually be with you on your very first visit to their community. But they can't control where else your Buyer Agent takes you before you make a final buying decision.

Some of our Buyer Clients have worked with us for as long as three years prior to relocating to Coastal Delaware. The first visit is often their very first visit to the area. It's the time to get acquainted with the different towns and communities and see whether they like it in general. By the second visit, we're often looking more closely at specific locations and zeroing in on one or two communities. We consider things like:

  • the amenities available in each community
  • the monthly or annual fees
  • the taxes - county, city and any special assessments if applicable
  • availability of resale homes and price history
  • on new homes or to be built homes, the pricing of upgrades and options
  • energy efficiency and Universal Design features
  • transportation options and access to shopping, hospitals and other services

Relocating at any age can be stressful. Doing so when you're planning for retirement or have already retired is a big move. The time to get advice and professional assistance is before you move. Work with someone that knows the area and has the experience necessary to help you make the right decision.

P.S. The State of Delaware is considering a change to the law that would require anyone selling real estate to be subject to the same licensing requirements and Code of Ethics. That's the way it is in other professions.

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