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Before the Boom!

A wise person once told me "there are only two things you can be certain of - one of them is taxes"! The truth is we are all getting older andBaby Boomers will begin to retire or change careers in the next few years. Nothing will change that fact and the choice we have is when and how we will make the transition.

Boomers from the Mid-Atlantic Region will move to Delaware because oflower taxes andthe lifestyle. Every day, another Boomer from New Jersey or New York has had it with the high taxes, the traffic and the stress of daily life and decides to take a look at Coastal Delaware. People from DC and Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia long ago discovered the Delaware beaches for vacations and second homes. Regardless of what the media is still reporting, the real estate market in Delaware is going to be very strong for the next 15 years because Baby Boomers will make the move. The question is whether you will take advantage of the deals and a few steals before they're gone. This "buyers" market ismore thantwo years old and won't last much longer. For us, it's now or never and when the deals are gone, all that will be left is the shoulda, woulda, couldas. When the market returns to normal, the sellers will be back in control and we'll be paying the price.

Will you wait for the deluge and buy when everyone else is finally ready to take the plunge or will you get ahead of the boom?