Resale Vs New Construction

New or Resale Homes: Finding the Better Choice

What to consider in a new or resale Delaware home to make choosing one the best decision for your retirement wants and needs.

  1. Real Estate is booming.
  2. Inventory is low.
  3. Buyer demand is high

As you prepare for retirement, these three key facts will impact your decision about whether to purchase a new or resale home.

The Case for a New Home in [...]

Is a Resale Home a Better Value in Delaware?

Buying a Resale Home vs New Construction

When we first opened our doors, many of the out-of-state buyers that came to Delaware for the first time just wanted to look at new construction, certain that a new home was always better. Sometimes, they refused to look at any existing homes, even in a community they fell in love with. Recently, [...]

Compare Buying a Pre-Owned Luxury Car to an existing Luxury Home

New home sales people refer to existing homes for sale as used homes, as in

Why would you buy a used home when you can buy a new home with everything you want?

I always found that reference rather self serving but then I thought about buying a car and realized that I can use the same thought process to favor buying an existing home.

A few [...]

Price your home to compete with the Builder

What a great question Bob

How do you price a home a few years old in a community that is still selling brand new homes?

First, think about SELLING when you BUY!

None of us knows what tomorrow will bring so when you are buying in a new home community, here are a few tips:

Do not scrimp on upgrades.

Buyers will not consider your home if you do not have [...]

Selling in Sussex: Your resale home's toughest competition is...

If you have a property for sale right now in Coastal Delaware, your stiffest competition is all the new construction, the housing of choice for buyers coming to Sussex County today.

Why is new construction such tough competition? Its not just the designs and long list of upgrades and options. If you have a home for sale with no basement, no [...]