Pilottown Village

Neighborhoods in Coastal Delaware

Not everyone wants a "new neighborhood" with a large clubhouse and HOA fees. We have some wonderful neighborhoods in Coastal Delaware that have been popular for many years.

From communities like the Rehoboth Beach Yacht & Country Club with stunning water views or golf course settings to Winding Creek Village with a boat launch for residents to communities like [...]

It's all about location in Coastal Delaware!

In a buyer's market or a seller's market - the best property in the best location at the best price will always sell. Only the actual price at which the home sells is [...]

How's the real estate market in Lewes, Delaware?

That's one of the questions on everyone's mind these days and I hear it at the gym, at the Chamber of Commerce meetings and when we go out to dinner or a movie. "How's the market, Kathy?" I yell right back "Great! The real estate market is doing great!" And it really is. This time last year we weren't sure just how 2009 would turn out. Late [...]