New Year's Resolution

Decluttering 101 A Great Way to Kick Off the New Year! Part 2 of 2

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Last week I posted the first of two blog posts on decluttering - a long one since there are so many helpful tips to consider and since a lot of us can put them to work in virtually every room of the house. This week I'm circling around to the kitchen, which tends to be a favorite room and one of the most important selling points for a house [...]

Getting Fit In 2022 With Even More Exercise Options

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What works for me

Last week I blogged about the fun I have staying in shape thanks to Fit Body Boot Camp at Five Points Plaza. I described why its 30-minute workout, featuring a mix of cardio and strength training done to music, works so well for [...]

Getting Fit in 2022 is a Resolution for Fun

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Readers of this blog probably wont be surprised to see Im writing about one of the most popular New Years Resolutions which is to get, or stay, in good physical shape. Chances are youll see all kinds of similar content in all kinds of media outlets since a lot of us are still eating wonderful leftovers and [...]

Why Such Quick Resales in Your 55+ Active Adult Community?

Buyers always want to know Why are those people selling?. They are afraid that there is something wrong and they do not want to make a mistake.

Its good to be cautious when make a big purchase decision at this time in our lives. Moving is a big deal and needs to be treated that way. Many of the people we work with are moving after living in [...]