New Homes In Delaware

Large Lot Communities in Delaware

If living on a acre lot or larger is your dream, check out several Delaware communities that fit this description.

Have you noticed how small some of the home lots have gotten?

Where can you find a new home on a larger lot in a Coastal Delaware community with amenities? 

Dont despair, there are still communities that are [...]

What Can You Get for $500k In Coastal Delaware?

That sign saying, "Starting in the Low $400's" can actually mean you will end up with a home at a much higher sales price.

Curious what kind of home $500k can get you in Coastal Delaware? Kathy Sperl-Bell of Active Adults Realty in Delaware explains how base pricing works in new home communities and what kind of homes are available in the [...]

Exciting Developments in New Construction Communities Coming To Delaware

Many Delaware new construction communities are popping up in 2018 and Active Adults Realty is your source to find out more!

How will you choose? If new construction is your dream, whats the best way to pick the right one for you? There are a whole host of new communities springing up all over Delaware, but particularly in the southern part [...]

Dont Build a Deck If You Really Want a Sunroom

If I want a sunroom, why would I build a deck on my new home?

Building a new home can be more expensive than you may have planned for. The last time you built a new home was perhaps 20, 30, or more years ago. Or, you may never have been able to build a new home before now and youre not familiar with the process. And, by the way, each and [...]

Second Clubhouse Complex Being Added to Bay Forest

Construction is Underway for a Second Clubhouse in Bay Forest in Coastal Delaware

A new second clubhouse, pool, and recreation barn complex in the community of Bay Forest is set to open early summer 2018. The second clubhouse offers a setting for social gatherings along with a pool and large pool deck, cabanas, and bar. This complex [...]

Is Year-end a Good Time to Buy a Home in Delaware?

Is it a good idea to buy a new home this time of year?

Many of our real estate clients want to know if the fall is a good time of year to buy a new home in Delaware. So many of our buyer clients are moving to Delaware from somewhere else, it is a question we hear often.

The answer can often depend on your life cycle stage. When people are [...]