Modular Building

What is The Difference Between Manufactured, Mobile and Modular Homes?

Know very specific differences between and manufactured homes and modular homes.

Do you know the difference between Manufactured and Modular homes? What about Mobile homes? To clear up the common misconceptions about these types of homes, Delaware Real Estate Broker, Kathy Sperl-Bell invites Bill Bell to explain the differences between [...]

Build an affordable Stick-built home

Do you know the difference between an "off-site stick-built home" and a modular home? I didn't until I had been in the real estate business for several years. When you see a modular home advertised, you have to ask yourself - "Who is the [...]

To Build or Not To Build

That is the question for some of our clients. Because we specialize in "Boomers and Beyond" who are looking to retire to the beaches of Sussex County Delaware, Bill and I find that Baby Boomers like us are many and varied. Some like in town living. Some want Active Adult Communities and others want to be out in the country on a few [...]