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February Market Update with Kathy Sperl-Bell

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Its time for the February Market Update.

We are a year into this COVID pandemic. Hard to believe, isnt it? But the housing market continues to break records. So, Hows the market in Delaware this month?

Sometimes I feel like a broken record myself.

Has the housing market slowed this winter? Not the way it usually does. If you go back and watch our Market Updates since November, youll see that the same trends [...]

November 2020 Delaware Housing Market Update

Hows the Market in Delaware in November 2020?

In this video, Broker Kathy Sperl-Bell shares her insight on current market conditions and what the future will bring.


Normally the housing market slows somewhat during the Late Fall/Winter season, but this year all signs point to a HOT market continuing through the year-end. Watch to find out more about future market [...]