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Patriot Challenge for Deployed Delawarean Troops


Fairway Independent Mortgage Organizing The Patriot Challenge Fundraiser

Goal to Provide 500 Care Packages for Deployed Delawarean Troops

Fairway Mortgage Corporation is spearheading a fundraiser, The Patriot Challenge, aimed at providing a care package for over 500 Delawarean troops currently deployed overseas. Each serviceperson will [...]

Avoid Unsolicited Mortgage Offers

Have you ever wondered where all those bank offers and solicitations come from? I once made the mistake of responding to an online offer to refinance my mortgage and reduce your mortgage payment. Normally, I ignore them, but this one time it appeared to be legit. That one mistake resulted in phone calls and mailings that pestered us for [...]

Just the Facts for Sussex County DE

Gail Alm

Houses are selling.

National Association of Realtors (NAR) annualized numbers from the Existing Sales Report says 14,000 homes sell every day in this country. That means 14,000 yesterday, 14,000 today and 14,000 tomorrow! Most of the country is still showing sales below last year. This years sales are compared against the expiring home [...]