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Look back at 2010 real estate in Coastal Delaware

It's a chilly day in January, a good time to take a look back at 2010 and see what it tells us about the real estate market in Coastal Delaware. Bill and I moved here in 2003 and have specialized and focused on Baby Boomers who either live here or want to live here at some point. What kind of home are Boomers buying in what kind of [...]

Is Best Selling the Best Quality?

"We're #1!" or "The Top Selling Community" are the headlines and billboards that scream for attention. If Builder X is the top selling builder, that's where you should go .. or is it? Sometimes the top seller is the national organization with the largest marketing budget and the best trained sales force. Occasionally the best selling [...]

Is a Short Sale the best deal?

In this housing market, it's natural for a buyer to want to get the absolute best deal. We are bombarded by news of the large foreclosure problem and the talking heads reading the news rarely mention "all real estate is local" and the statistics they are quoting are national averages. But, if you look, there are short sales and foreclosed [...]