Dual Agency

What is Dual Agency? | Ask The Broker

Clearing up confusion on agency relationships. especially about Dual Agency in Delaware.

When you buy a home, be very aware of who represents you when in a real estate transaction. Is Dual Agency even Legal? Who looks out for your best interest? Watch below to find out [...]

Do you know what to expect of your REALTOR?

Its important to set the expectations for working with your REALTOR and understand your agents obligations.

One of the first questions many sellers ask when interviewing Listing Agents is Do you have buyers for our home?

A better question to ask is What will you do to market our home so every agent with a potential buyer for our home will want to show [...]

What does Dual Agency mean when it comes to Real Estate?

Who does Your Delaware REALTOR Represent in a Real Estate Transaction?

Sometimes situations come up where the real estate agent may be representing both the buyer and the seller, this is called Dual Agency. Is this even legal? What should you know as someone buying or selling a home in this [...]