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Delaware is in the News 2021

Real Estate sales are booming throughout the State of Delaware's Top Housing Markets of 2021 may not include Delaware but sales are going up every year, especially in the Cape Region. Lists like this tend to focus on Metropolitan areas and Delaware has fewer people than most of the top 10. 

All Real Estate is Local: Explaining The Unique Delaware Real Estate Market

Location matters, for those seeking a home and for the real estate professional in a specific region.

Every time I go to a real estate conference outside our local area, I am reminded just how true this statement is. Even in Delaware, things happening or working in Northern Delaware may be different from things working in Southern [...]

What is The Difference Between Manufactured, Mobile and Modular Homes?

Know very specific differences between and manufactured homes and modular homes.

Do you know the difference between Manufactured and Modular homes? What about Mobile homes? To clear up the common misconceptions about these types of homes, Delaware Real Estate Broker, Kathy Sperl-Bell invites Bill Bell to explain the differences between [...]