Delaware Home Buying

Housing Affordability vs. Affordable Housing

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Home prices have been rising since the end of the big recession. In Delaware, we were building and opening Active Adults Realty during the worst of that market, but every year since has been better for both buyers and sellers. 

But in 2021, demand is outstripping supply, and some headlines are asking, Are we in a bubble? Prices are [...]

What Record-Low Housing Inventory Means for You

What Record-Low Housing Inventory Means for You | MyKCM

2021 should be another good year for the real estate market. However, record-low housing inventory is a challenge in the current real estate climate.

The real estate market is expected to do very well in 2021. Mortgage rates are hovering at historic lows and are forecasted by experts to remain favorable throughout the year. One challenge facing the housing industry is a record-low inventory of homes available for sale [...]

First-Time Boomer Home Buyers

What first-time Delaware homebuyers should know when looking for a home.

At what age do people buy their first home? National statistics say that eighty-one percent of Gen Zs planning to buy a home are first-timers, compared to 64% of Millennials, 45% of Gen Xers, and 24% of Boomers. About half (49%) of prospective buyers in the [...]

Better Plan Now if You Want a New Construction Home in Delaware

When you retire and buy your last home, you want it to be perfect. Why not, you worked hard all these years and now is time for the reward.

Many of you want a new home, one where you can make all the selections and have everything you always wanted. You may have heard, there is a lot of new construction in Delaware, especially in Southern [...]