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Real Estate Professionals Give Best Advice Possible in Uncertain Times

When buying or selling a home, the advice given will be the best advice possible during ever-changing and uncertain times.

The angst caused by the Coronavirus has most people on edge regarding both their health and financial situations. Its at times like these when we want exact information about anything were doingeven the correct [...]

The COVID-19/Coronavirus Outbreak Is Not a Housing Crisis

There is hope because past history shows the housing market has successfully weathered dire financial and health storms.

In times of uncertainty such as we are going through with the COVID-19/Coronavirus outbreak, one of the best things we can do to ease our fears is to educate ourselves with research, facts, and data. Digging into [...]

Real Estate Experts Weigh In on Current Housing Market

Now is the best time to sell your home because the lower interest rates help your potential buyers.

Were halfway through the year. With a decline in interest rates as well as home price and wage appreciation, many are wondering what the experts predict for the second half of 2019 when it comes to the real estate market. If youve been [...]