Capital Gains Taxes

Tax Changes for Out-of-State Residents You Should Know

Those with a 2nd home in Delaware may be affected by these Income Tax changes.

Changes are coming in January 2019 that may affect you when you sell a 2ndhome in Delaware but live in another state.

Estimated Income Tax will be collected at settlement

Lets say you purchased a second home in Delaware but your primary residence is in New Jersey [...]

Will I Have To Pay Capital Gains Tax When I Sell My Home?

When it comes to your primary residence, there are certain requirements that must be met to avoid Capital Gains.

Delaware real estate broker, Kathy Sperl-Bell of Active Adults Realty shares with you the truth about Capital Gains taxes and under what conditions you should expect to pay them when you sell your [...]

Capital Gains: Which Questions to Take to Your Financial Advisor

Understanding how the 2018 capital gains tax changes may impact your real estate decisions for the coming year.

When you sell a stock, you owe taxes on your capital gainthe difference between what you paid for the stock and what you sold it for. The same holds true when selling a home (or a second home) but there are some special [...]