The Pickleball Craze


There’s been a craze sweeping the nation over the past few years, and it’s especially popular in many of the active adult and 55+ communities of Delaware. Not quite tennis and a bit more involved than ping pong, pickleball is a friendly but competitive racket or paddle sport featuring a net, up to four players, and a lot of back-and-forth action on a court.

We’ve seen a lot of pickleball in Delaware neighborhoods, and suspect that it will only increase in popularity and become even more important to homeowners buying 55+ community real estate.

The Benefits of Playing Pickleball

  • Two of the biggest reasons Delaware’s 55+ community is seeking out communities with pickleball are its health benefits and ease of play. Though not quite as strenuous as tennis, pickleball does keep you moving, and it does provide a good aerobic workout with minimal stress on joints and muscles.
  • Playing pickleball can also make you feel closer to the community. You’re likely to play with your neighbors and other community members you’ve yet to meet. The outdoor activity is beneficial in getting to know your neighbors in your active adult community and serves as a wonderful way of improving your social connections.
  • Delaware’s residents can enjoy a healthier lifestyle simply by choosing a 55+ or active adult neighborhood with a pickleball court.

Where Can You Play Pickleball

Because of its format, pickleball does require a net and a court, though those can either be inside or outside. With indoor pickleball, you do benefit from avoiding the warm sun during the summer and the biting cold during the winter.

Active adult communities with pickleball can be found throughout Delaware’s real estate market. Heritage Shores, Nassau Grove, Bishop’s Landing, Bear Trap Dunes, and Bayside Resort are just a handful of the local neighborhoods that have on-site pickleball courts.

Check out these communities with pickleball courts nearby

Find Your Pickleball Community

Want to learn more about where you can find homes with access to pickleball courts? Active Adults Realty® will help you narrow down options to filter only the communities that have at least one pickleball court. Contact us when you’re ready to see homes in these Delaware neighborhoods and we’ll set up everything and simplify the buying process to get you into your pickleball-friendly community quickly.

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