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Thinking of selling your home in Delaware? Then you're going to want to stand out from the crowd and WOW some buyers with your home's appearance! Here are 5 key factors buyers typically notice.

1. Beautiful Curb Appeal

A buyer's impression of a home starts long before they walk through the door. In fact, from the first moment they see a home, the've made a judgement about it. That first impression means a LOT—will they even bother looking around inside if they don't like the outside? Here are some ways to make your home look its best from the outside in.

Don't Shirk on the Maintenance

Don't let a hanging shutter, siding in need of paint or a powerwash, or a roof that needs patching lose a sale! Take care of those lingering maintenance issues. And take care of the little things, too, like cleaning gutters.

Make Sure Your Yard is Neat

Got a lawn? Mow it! Leaves starting to fall? Rake them up! Make sure your walkways are always clean and clear, and if the season allows, trim those hedges and maybe even plant a few bright flowers.

Keep Your Entry Inviting

Nothing says, "Welcome Home!" to a new buyer like a warm and welcoming entry. Set out potted flowers or maybe a seasonal wreath. Paint your door and replace your welcome mat. Even add a chair, if your porch is large enough.

2. Dust, Dirt, and Clutter

If you think buyers aren't going to notice a little bit of dust or clutter, think again! A cluttered home can seem small and crowded, and a dirty home might even feel ill-maintained. Don't lose a sale over a little bit of cleaning. Here's what to do instead.


Host a yard sale or rent a storage locker to get rid of all the excess!


Break out the mop, vacuum, duster, and Clorox and do a deep clean.


Update dingy doorknobs and drawer pulls for an instant home refresh.


Don't let a dripping faucet or squeaky floorboard ruin your sale!

3. A Bright, Warm & Welcoming Vibe

Your home can be clean and clear, but it can still fall flat or be unappealing to buyers if its too dark or overdecorated. Here's how to welcome buyers in and make them feel right at home.

Depersonalize Decor

Keep your home as impersonal as possible to appeal to the greatest number of buyers. That means neutral colors, simple decor, and no family photos or memorabilia.

Stage Your Home

Rearranging furniture, adding tasteful seasonal decor, and even playing soft music can create a sense of welcome in a home.

Let in the Light

What's more appealing than a bright and sunny room? Open those windows and let in the light! Or, try soft daylight bulbs for a natural glow.

4. Sounds & Smells

Everything might look beautiful... but how does it smell? This is especially important for those with pets. Don't let a litter box or a wet dog cost you a sale. Here are some tips for keeping your home as fresh-scented as possible.

Check the Carpets

Old carpets can smell musty or trap pet odors. Have them professionally steam cleaned, or even replace them if needed.

Pinpoint and Clean

The first step to nixing smells is to identify them. Then, simple household ingredients such as baking soda and vinegar can be used to clear away those odors.

Open the Windows

Airing out your house can have a big impact on its smell! Open the windows, turn on some fans, and let the fresh scent of the Great Outdoors do the work for you.

5. A Beautiful Backyard!


Your house is perfect... but what about the backyard? If you've got one, don't neglect it! Make sure you give it the same care you did the front of your home—mowing and raking, gardening and landscaping, powerwashing and replacing.

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