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Delaware Relocation Resources

Spotlights of Delaware

Thinking of relocating to one of the cities, towns, or coastal communities of Delaware? Learn more about what awaits you in this amazing state, from farmers markets to continuing education. Explore the cities and towns that Delaware has to offer. Plus, learn some interesting facts you might not have known!

Delaware Factoids

Did you know these interesting Delaware facts?

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 Capital:  Dover
 1st State Founded:  December 7, 1787
 State Bird:  Blue Hen Chicken
 State Tree:  American Holly
 State Flower:  Peach Blossom
 No. of Counties:  3: New Castle, Kent, and Sussex… the fewest of any state
 Largest City:  Wilmington

Continuing Education

Opportunities for continuing education are numerous. Delaware offers the many colleges and universities which allow people of all ages to further their education, expand their interests, or offer their talents for teaching opportunities.

Farmers’ Markets

Delaware has 2,500 farms and a moderate climate with hot summers and mild winters. It is protected from the cold winds of winter by the mountains of Pennsylvania.

Also known as a major dairy producer, livestock, including pigs, and other related products account for 70% of Delaware’s farm income with “Broilers” (young chickens) contributing the largest portion of Delaware's farm income.

Soybeans are Delaware's most important farm crop followed by corn, although farmers also grow barley and wheat. Potatoes and peas highlight the State, as its largest vegetable crops but many other vegetables and fruits including a large variety of apples (Delaware's largest fruit crop) are found at the many local farmers’ markets. Greenhouse and nursery products, flowers, ornamental shrubs and young plants are also cultivated. Make the effort to visit the following markets to support our local farmers.

Lewes Farmers Market

Popular Farmers' Markets in Delaware

Most Ph.D.'s

According to a survey by the National Science Foundation, Delaware has more doctoral-level (Ph.D.) scientists and engineers, as a percentage of the population, than any other state. Delaware also has a higher rate of patent awards, per person, than any other state. What does this mean for residents of Delaware? It means access to high-caliber careers with top-notch companies, as well as outstanding technology and medical research facilities.

(Want to learn more? Visit the State of Delaware Website!)

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